Adopt a Bee Hive

Adopt a Bee hive of Costa Mandorla: what does it mean?

  • For 1 year you become the proud owner of one of our bee queens and its bee family (in peak times your family will grow up to 80’000 bees)
  • The bees adopted by you are housed in a stand alone beehive on our lands on the volcano Stromboli
  • Our lands are in a Natural Reserve and UNESCO WHS – your honey will be artisan made as all our other food
  • Your beehive will be marked as yours: we will tag your beehive with your name and during the yearyou will receive by email a picture and a short video film showing your bee family in action
  • Your beehive will be producing your very own volcano honey: you will receive 6 jars of the spring honey and 6 jars of the summer honey produced by your bees
  • Your honey jars will have your personalized food label: we will add up to 5 words of your choice on thefood label of your 12 honey jars (your text will be the same on each jar)
  • In addition to the 12 jars of honey you will receive 12 postal cards showing pictures from our lands
  • We guarantee the delivery of 12 jars of honey from another one of our bee families in the unlikely case that your adopted bee family does not produce enough honey
  • Cost for adopting a beehive for 1 year: CHF 160.— (all inclusive for Switzerland)
  • We will send you your 12 jars of honey on one shipment latest by October after the spring and summer following your adoption
  • Any questions? please contact us on