Miele Millefiori Estivo

This artisan honey is composed of the summer flora growing on our lands and naturally within the Natural Reserve on the South side of volcano Stromboli. The majority of the flowers and plants are from the families of capparis, umbelliferae, cruciferae, centaurea jacea, lathyrus and thymus.

It has a slightly amber yellow colour, then turns to a brownish/golden yellow at the moment of the natural crystallization process. It has a unique taste with a blended smell and aroma of a hot summer afternoon in the Mediterranean and a taste of something unknown. The something unknown results from the caper flowers which the honey contains. Whereas traditional caper cultivators harvest the caper flowers before it blossoms we leave them on the plants for our bees and as a result are producing a world-wide unique honey, 36% made of Capers.